Quarter life crisis dating

quarter life crisis dating

Are You having a quarter-life crisis?

Here are the 15 signs you’re having a quarter-life crisis: 1. You’re starting to question what your purpose in life is. WHY DID YOU PUT ME ON THIS EARTH, GOD?

Is social media making your quarter-life crisis worse?

Dealing with a quarter-life crisis may be stressful at some point. Taking a little time off on social media can help you cope with emotions and negative thoughts. Why? Because social media can increase anxiety and depression, especially considering what you are going through.

What is a personal crisis and how can it affect you?

It’s a personal crisis. Feeling unfulfilled, following a dream that’s not yours, always desiring something or somewhere else – that all begins from the inside. You can only be happy if you do the things that make you happy; you can only do the things that make you happy if you choose to do them.

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