Dating camillus pilot knife

dating camillus pilot knife

How to date a Camillus knife?

For the Camillus stuff, having the first use date is handy, and the range, while imprecise, is useful when looking at other clues to date the knife. I thought that thread like this might be a good way to add some of the collective knowledge of this group as well.

Whats the story behind the pilots Survival Knife?

The story of the Pilots survival knife starts with Marbles, and that companys higher quality 6 bladed model. Such high quality that the military could not afford to buy it, so they turned to Camillus, and that companys lesser quality 6, then 5 blade knives. Marbles continued for a while to market their knife to civilians.

Did Camillus make a JPSK without a fuller?

Camillus also produced a JPSK with a bright finished blade, (it was fullered), as a No. 1010, the Astronaut-Jet Space knife. They may have made a version without the fuller that Im presently unaware of.

Where do the knife date references come from?

With one exception, these all came from electricians knives (i.e., TL-29 or signal corp. style knives). Except for the first two, which are based on information from this forum, the date references are based on Goins Encyclopedia

How do you identify Camillus knives?

Like most every enduring knife manufacturer, Camillus used several different tang stamps to mark its knives. These stamps are invaluable to collectors in determining information about the companys tools including but not limited to their age.

What happened to Camillus knives?

This tang stamp was used by Camillus from 1989 up until its bankruptcy in 2007. Note that the Camillus brand emerged from bankruptcy in 2009, but this page will remain dedicated to the pre-bankruptcy knives.

When did Camillus knives stop using the tang stamp?

This stamp has was used on Camillus knives for a very short time. The company quit referencing the date after 1915, but started back up in its later days preceding bankruptcy. The tang stamp shown here is known as Camillus three line straight stamp. I believe this stamp to have been used on knives manufactured from 1916 to the early 1930s.

When did Camillus use the four line stamp?

I believe this stamp to have been used on knives manufactured from 1916 to the early 1930s. The tang stamp shown here is known as Camillus four line stamp. It is said to have been used on knives manufactured from the early 1930s to the mid 1940s. This tang stamp was used by Camillus from 1946 to 1950.

Where did the first knives come from?

Early traces of separate handles have been found in Hallstatt, a celtic village, where knives were found having bone handles, dated back to the years 600 BC. Archaeologists have discovered many knives can blades in Ancient Roman cities. Handles were often made out of carved bone, but also commonly from wood and metal.

How have knives changed over the years?

Since the invention of the iron blade, our knives have changed very little. Read more about the types of blades used in knife-making here. However, one ‘recent’ creation with regards to knives and blades is the invention of the folding knife, about 600 years ago.

Why do people carry knives?

Carrying a knife was an essential part of one’s activities during 99.9% of our human history. People carried around their knife as we today carry around our mobile phones. Knives have always been an irreplaceable mean of defense, and a utility tool for the most basic activities.

Are old knives worth anything?

A knife in rough, rusty, pitter condition with damaged handles wont be worth much, no matter how old it is. So, even if it is beat, it can have some value but perhaps not as much as you might think. What is a valuable Case knife? The current record for a Case knife is more than $14,000.00 for an early rare type in mint condition.

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