Ee dating

ee dating

Can I upgrade on the Date shown on my ee?

Or upgrade on the date shown on My EE if you’re eligible for an Annual Upgrade. Can I upgrade if I’m on a shared plan? Can I upgrade if I’m on a shared plan? Yes, if you’re eligible but there are a few important things to remember: if you’re upgrading and want to join a shared plan, you’ll need an account holder on a shared plan to attach to

What is our Eastern Europe dating agency?

We are a different kind of Eastern Europe dating agency. We are a personal matchmaking agency to find your Eastern European partner. We are not online dating, but a highly personal matchmaking agency with ladies from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

How do I Manage My ee account with my ee?

Managing your account is so easy with My EE - check your balance, pay bills, manage your add-ons and more. It only takes a minute to register. And dont forget to download the My EE app.

How do I set up roaming on EE?

Your roaming questions answered. How to make sure EE roaming is set up. EE pay monthly and pay as you go customers may already be set up, but heres how to check: Text ROAMING to 150 (its free) before you travel. Youll get a text either confirming youre set up, or telling you how to set up roaming on your device.

When can I upgrade my Phone on EE?

You can upgrade without a fee if you’ve got less than 45 days until your plan ends. Alternatively, if you’re in the last 100 days of your contract, you can get the latest device with no early upgrade fee if your new plan is higher than your current plan. Or upgrade on the date shown on My EE if you’re eligible for an Annual Upgrade.

When do I have to pay an early upgrade fee?

If you have 45 days or more remaining on your current contract you may need to pay an early upgrade fee to switch to a SIM only plan. Can I upgrade from Pay as you Go to a Pay Monthly plan?

How do I get more data on my EE mobile phone?

Upgrade your broadband Get free data for your mobile Our Data Boost gives you extra data on your phone every month, when you take an eligible EE pay monthly phone plan or a 12-month SIM only plan, and a broadband plan. You can get an extra 5GB or 20GB a month depending on which broadband plan you choose.

Can I swap my phone for a new one ee?

As long as your phone is in good working condition, you can swap your current phone and sign up to a new 24-month plan. Swap your current phone for the latest model online, in-store or by calling 150 from your EE phone. To check online if youre eligible for Upgrade Anytime: log in to My EE.

Can I use My EE with more than one EE number on my account? Yes, you can use more than one EE number on your account. Heres how: you can add up to 99 numbers to your My EE account - just log in to My EE and go to Account settings

What information do I need to add to my ee account?

some security information - your bank sort code or account number, your postcode, your date of birth or the last four digits of the long number on either your debit or credit card How do I manage my 4GEE Home account on the My EE app?

Can I Manage my ee account without being the bill payer?

you can only manage your My EE account if youre the bill payer (account holder) or the bill payer gives you permission if you’re not the bill payer you won’t be able to see your bills or change some of the settings How useful was this page? How can we improve this article?

How do I activate roaming on my ee account?

In your My EE account online go to Menu > Account Settings > Parental and Data Controls > Enable Roaming and also Make calls abroad from the UK > They will show as ticked if roaming and calling abroad is activated. It can take up to 24 hours to become active on your account, so its important to set it up before you travel.

Can I use EE roaming outside the EU?

EE roaming has amazing roaming destinations in the EU that will let you travel to and not have to pay for any extra charges but if you do decide to travel outside the EU EE customers will have to pay extra charges for using your data, calling and texts.

How do I Activate my EE SIM card when I travel?

If you have a new pay as you go SIM card you will need to activate the SIM on the EE network by making a call or sending a text before travelling abroad. If youre a pay monthly customer on any plan, you will need to check roaming is set up before you travel.

How does roaming work when I’m abroad?

You’ll then be charged the daily fee each day you use mobile data when you’re abroad in an included country. The included countries are subject to change from time to time and details are available at Your data allowance will be available for you to use until midnight, UK time, each day.

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