How to stay friends after a hookup

how to stay friends after a hookup

Is it okay to be friends with a hookup?

No, just no. If it’s clear to both of you right from the start that it was just a hookup, then don’t force the friendship or make it any deeper than what it really is. It’s not going to happen. Just get it over with. Smoke, browse through Facebook, check Twitter, or do other things to pass the time, then get up, take a shower, and leave.

How do you ask a friend to hang out with you?

Ask your friend to hang out to avoid awkwardness. You might be feeling a little awkward after hooking up with a friend, but dont worry. Thats normal, and your friend probably feels a little weird, too. Dont try to make things too intense by having a long, deep conversation. Instead, check-in with your friend to make sure youre on the same page.

How do I stop hooking up with a friend?

Be upfront and honest when youre ready to stop hooking up. Maybe youve met someone or maybe the fun has just run its course. Whatever the reason, have a talk with your friend and tell them that you want to be just friends again. You can share as much or as little about your reasons as is comfortable for you.

How to keep your friendship alive after a breakup?

Have an honest conversation the next morning. To keep your friendship alive, take a minute to talk about how you’re feeling. You can do this in person if you woke up together, or send a text if you went home on your own. Make sure to follow up right away so that there are no lingering awkward feelings.

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