When do stefan and elena first hook up

when do stefan and elena first hook up

Do Elena and Stefan get back together?

Stefan searches for a way to stop her from transitioning, but it was a hopeless cause. Elena tells Stefan that she chose him over Damon and they get back together for a handful of episodes. However, Elenas heightened feelings for Damon break her and Stefan up, and Stefan becomes obsessed with finding a cure for vampirism.

How did Elena get staked by Damon?

After Bonnie sent Elena a message that told her that Stefan and Damon were coming for her, she was relieved. Once they did so, Stefan gave her a vervain bomb, which she threw at Elijah in self-defense and Damon eventually staked him.

How did Elena find out about Stefan and Caroline sex?

She convinces Damon to save his mother, Lily Salvatore, so that they can trigger Stefans humanity. Elena, Damon, Kai, and Bonnie travel to the 1903 Prison World to rescue Lily. While at the Salvatore Boarding house in 1903, she sees a picture of Stefan and comments on how cute he was. Elena finds out about Stefan and Caroline sex.

Does Stefan save Elena from Klaus in before sunset?

In Before Sunset, Stefan saves Elena from Klaus. Stefan makes a promise to Damon that if Elena chooses Damon then he will leave town. In The Departed, Stefan comes back to Mystic Falls leaving Damon to drop Klaus body somewhere after Elena has a minor concussion.

Do Stefan and Elena break up in Season 4?

Their relationship was rekindled and lasted into the beginning of season 4. Though they eventually broke up when Elena began to reciprocate Damons love, and chose to be honest with Stefan about her feelings and intentions. He was determined to move on, before he came upon the discovery that Elena was sired to Damon.

What do Elena and Stefans diaries tell us about their relationship?

In Season 3, Elena is able to use Stefans diary to help her find a way to get Stefans humanity back. Throughout the show, Elena and Stefan both write about their true feelings and the situations they are dealing with in their diaries. In the books, the Diaries are also an important part of their relationship.

What are your favorite Elena/Stefan quotes?

Elena: Good. I want him gone, Stefan. I know that I shouldnt feel that way but I dont want someone like that in my life. Or Jeremys life. Elena: (to Damon) I love Stefan! Its always gonna be Stefan! Elena: Were going to be boring high school students who live in a world where the v word is not uttered. Stefan: Got it!

How did Elena and Stefan get their humanity back?

Stefan and Elena later work together to try to get Carolines humanity back and when Caroline forces Stefan into his humanity off, he tells Elena to bring him back. Elena helps Damon bring back his mother and they are able to get Stefan and Carolines humanity back.

What did Klaus say to Stefan when he got to Elena?

Stefan: (stroking her cheek) You have me. Klaus: Okay, how about Damon sneaks in and distracts Alaric, while Stefan grabs Elena and carries her to safety? Stefan: Id turn my back on everything here to make sure Elenas safe. Klaus: And that is what makes you her better option.

How did Stefan save Elenas life?

Younger Salvatore noticed Elena in the storage and saved her life by taking wine and distracting Klaus. Later, Stefan and Elena had a conversation, they hugged and Elena tried to shoot him with a vervain dart. Stefan was faster and avoided her attack. He said to her, that he doesnt want to come back.

What happened to Klaus and Elena in the Vampire Diaries?

In The Sun Also Rises, Damon and Klaus met again just when the ritual was over, and Klaus finally broke his curse. When Bonnie came and tried to kill Klaus, Damon took Elenas dead body with him and left Stefan to watch Klaus die. In As I Lay Dying, Damon was dying from his werewolf bite and Stefan goes to Klaus for a cure.

Is it over for Stefan and Elena?

I wouldnt wait. Elena: Stefan… Stefan: Its not over. There might be a cure, but I have to find Klaus to get it. Elena: No. Hes gonna kill you. Stefan: No, he had the chance to kill me, but he didnt.

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