Persona 5 dating options

persona 5 dating options

How do you romance in Persona 5?

This guide and walkthrough will show you everything you need to know. Romance in Persona 5 is easy to achieve. The protagonist can romance any of the female Confidants except for Sae Niijima. On the day that you rank up your Confidant level to nine with any of the romance options, you will get to choose whether or not to date them.

Can you date Persona 5 characters?

Dating characters has been a key component in the Persona series ever since Persona 3 — whether theyre in your party or are one of the social links, theres a lot to love. The romances in Persona 5, in particular, are incredibly beloved thanks to the assortment of colorful personalities.

Can you have more than one girlfriend in Persona 5 Royal?

Yes, you can have more than one girlfriend in Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5. In fact, you can date every single romance option if you want - but its not necessarily recommended. Romancing multiple girls will eventually come back to bite you much later in the story, so think carefully before committing to a relationship.

Is Makoto the best romance option in Persona 5?

Its an endearing change that adds to the notion of Makoto being one of the best Persona 5 romance options by a country mile. This romance is actually a little popular, but we are pushing back. Dating your teacher has some blurry ethics and that actually might be a reason why she is popular.

How do you romance Ann in Persona 5?

One of the first characters you really get to know in Persona 5, its quite easy to romance Ann. When youve got her social link, youll find her in the Underground Mall in Shibuya. Simply keep hanging out with her, and raise the social link to level 9.

How to romance Kasumi in Persona 5 Royal?

If you want to romance Kasumi, make sure you get her to Rank 5 before the 18th November. You then have to continue hanging out with her during the new semester in Persona 5 Royal.

Which Persona game has the Best Romance system?

Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 probably have the most in-depth romance system that the series has seen. If you enter a relationship with someone, youll be able to take them on dates and youll unlock multiple special scenes that play out at set points during the story. The waifu wars have never been quite so engaging.

Whats new in the Persona 5 Royal guide?

Updated August 25, 2021 by Meg Pelliccio: We have updated this guide to include Persona 5 Royal information, each confidants availability for times/days (and any limitations), and links to complete romance guides for each character. Weve also added a small summary of how relationships work in the game.

Who is the most popular character in Persona 5 Romance?

The consensus most popular choice in the series, Makoto Nijima reigns above all when it comes to romance options. Being the perceived goody two shoes of the class Makoto is disliked at the beginning of the game, everyone sees her as a heartless achiever willing to give up everything for the cause.

Is it worth it to romance Makoto?

Also, her Persona is a motorcycle. How much cooler can you get? While her character is typically composed and a little uptight, you get to see a more flustered and shy side of her if she is romanced. Its an endearing change that adds to the notion of Makoto being one of the best Persona 5 romance options by a country mile.

Is Makoto Your Favorite Girl in Persona 5 Royal?

If Makoto is your favorite girl in Persona 5 Royal, this is how to sweep her off her feet. Persona 5 Royal is one of Atlus’ most beloved releases. Fans new and old fawn over this masterpiece, even a year after its North American release. The gameplay is unforgettable and enjoyable, but fleshed out characters are the backbone of this game.

Is Makoto the best girl in the game?

And because she is of age, there is no creep factor to weigh in on. Getting to know her throughout the course of the game and falling in love seems like the most natural fit among all of the female choices. Makoto is the best girl, no question about it.

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