Medellin hook up

medellin hook up

Is Medellin in Colombia a good place to hook up with girls?

It is true that the women of Medellin in Colombia are gorgeous and fully embrace their feminine side (even if they don’t always wear sexy or revealing outfits all the time). Even so, you shouldn’t come to Medellin as a sex tourist who’s just looking to hook up with as many girls as you can.

Where to go on a date in Medellín?

A couple of good outdoor activities that make for good dates include Jardín Botánico and Parque Norte. Medellín is a wonderful city with much to offer including it seems like countless beautiful Medellín women. I put together this list of Medellín dating tips based on my own experiences and the experiences of my friends.

What to expect in Medellín?

Medellín is a modern city where travelers can expect to enjoy that famous Colombian hospitality while getting to see a slew of various landmarks. Medellín has a fantastic reputation as a hub of nightlife even among international travelers.

Why is Medellín nightlife so popular?

Nightlife is almost a cultural experience in Medellín since the abundance of places you can visit and meet people worldwide. Locals are always ready to get to a happening place and show you the best places to have a great night in the town. Medellín is the party and cultural destination that should not be missed on any visit to Colombia.

Where can I meet women in Medellin?

The downtown of Medellin is a good place to meet women. And the upscale neighborhoods like Pobablo have the more middle class women. There’s plenty of “second tier” neighborhoods crawling with women too.

How to meet Colombian women?

Colombian women like sports and sporting events like bullfighting, Soccer, Tejo are ideal places to find Colombian women. Colombian women are not hard to find in the day time as well as like woman from any other part of the world they like shopping, so malls, markets, and stores are some good places to meet Colombian woman in the daytime.

What do Medellin women like in a man?

I have found that Medellin women, as in most parts of the world, love compliments, good conversation, and like it when a guy can make them laugh. So Spanish has been essential for me here in Medellin.

Is Medellin a good place to go out?

And because Medellin has year round beautiful Spring-like weather, any day of the year is great for going out. For weather, logistics, and sheer number of women out on the streets, Medellin gets an A for day game. I wasn’t so impressed with the nightlife.

How is the nightlife in Medellin?

The nightlife is amazing. One of the principal reasons that many travelers choose to visit Medellin is the city’s enviable nightlife. The popular backpacker neighborhood El Poblado is full of quality bars and nightclubs, but that’s not all there is to partying in Medellin.

Why is Medellin a good place to live?

Since recovering from the dark old days of narco-terrorism, Medellin has transformed into a desirable hotspot for the party crazed international crowd. Expect to meet plenty of gringos out and about, the perfect respite for when you need a break from butchering your sloppy español.

Where to stay when partying in Medellin Colombia?

Oh, and the price is more than reasonable for the quality of this hotel. Overall, The Click Clack Hotel is the best place to stay when partying is on the mind in Medellin, Colombia!

Where to listen to Colombian music in Medellin?

Barrio Colombia: The place to be for partying in massive night clubs while listening to Colombian music. It’s more expensive. Poblado: The epicenter of Medellin nightlife. Lots of foreigners and locals. Tens of bars, make your choice before going or you’ll be lost. Pick this district if you want to listen to electro music.

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