Drinking and dating

drinking and dating

How do you date someone who doesn’t drink alcohol?

Don’t feel under pressure to justify not drinking. You don’t owe your date an explanation. Be unapologetic. If they’re adamant that they’ll only date a drinker, consider it a lucky escape.

Where should you have drinks on a first date?

When you have drinks, you generally have them in a very public place (a bar or lounge) which is great for safety. You have to remember that a first date is usually with someone you don’t know that well, so you want to cover your bases in case anything happens to go wrong.

Is it awkward to go to a bar for a date?

It would be awkward to head to a bar for a first date only to find out the bar is taken over by speed daters or a massive office party or something like that. While you should take your date for drinks somewhere that you’ve scouted out before, do not take them to a place that you’re a regular at or frequent.

How do you date as a non-drinker?

Dating doesn’t equal drinking, so choose venues and activities that you enjoy as a non-drinker. If you do opt for bars and restaurants, check menus in advance to make sure there are good alcohol-free options.

How can I plan a date that doesnt involve alcohol?

Many cities have alcohol-free bars that serve mocktails even the most seasoned margarita drinkers will love. You can also grab a different type of drink by going to get coffee, bubble tea, or smoothies together. Or, plan dates that don’t involve getting drinks at all — like a picnic in the park, a night at the theater, or a yoga class.

Can you drink on a first date if they’re not drinking?

You can enjoy alcohol while your date chooses to abstain, as long as you both acknowledge and support each other’s choices. Don’t focus on the fact that they’re not drinking.

Is dating someone who doesn’t drink boring?

If youre dating someone who doesn’t drink, and you want to support their lifestyle choices, how can you navigate the dating scene in a way thats thoughtful and affirming to them? Thankfully, dating as a non-drinker doesn’t have to be boring at all.

What to do when your partner is not drinking alcohol?

Don’t focus on the fact that they’re not drinking. If you’re out together and other people are drinking, try not to draw attention to the fact that your partner isn’t participating. “The more you focus on the person not drinking, the more self-conscious the person becomes,” Gottlieb explains.

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