Dating website commercials

dating website commercials

Are these datings ads targeted?

Most ads are targeted but these datings ads seem to be bypassing that, or theyve gamed it in some way judging by the amount and the range of people getting them. One woman here says shes a pensioner and was wondering why she was getting fat flirt and Russian teens ads!

What do you think about dating sites?

Most dating sites are like over ripe fruit. Looks superficially ok, bit of sweetness, but that cant hide the mouldering core. What kind of puritan wants dating sites to be illegal? Sadly dating sites often are magnets for men with ill intent and vulnerable women.

Are dating sites bad for women?

Sadly dating sites often are magnets for men with ill intent and vulnerable women. You also need to remember that the porn and dating industry often exploit women and encourage men to think perving over a woman is a acceptable way to behave and viewing her as a object as opposed to a human being is normal.

What is targeted advertising and is it effective?

While targeted advertising can be incredibly effective in helping you find an audience that has a need for the products or services you’re advertising, it does have one drawback: some people may be put off by the ad if it looks like you’re using personal information about them in order to target your ad.

How does Facebook ad target US?

Facebook’s ad platform enables advertisers to target us directly through our tastes, our life events, and our behaviors. As Facebook users, each of us is constantly producing data that feeds Facebook’s profile factory.

How are online ads becoming increasingly targeted and persistent?

And they are a symptom of how online ads are becoming increasingly targeted and persistent. Tracking technologies like web cookies are collecting information about our browsing activities from site to site. Marketers and ad tech companies compile that data to target us across our devices.

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