Lee jong suk dating nara

lee jong suk dating nara

Is Lee Jong suk flirting with Kwon Nara?

The source in the Korean entertainment industry said actor Lee Jong Suk pursued and flirted with Kwon Nara. And even Lee Jong Suk even found ways to sign a contract with Kwon Nara, flirting with her. Currently, Kwon Nara has joined the management company that Lee Jong Suk is the chief executive officer.

Is Lee Jong suk dating in 2021?

Lee Jong Suk was rumored to be dating a lot of female co-workers, but he never admitted that he was dating. His latest 2021 dating rumor involves actress Kwon Nara. Lee Jong Suk Dating with Kwon Nara? Dating rumors are shooting down on social networks! Kwon Nara is Lee Jong Suk’s girlfriend?

Are HELLOVENUSKwon Nara and Lee Jong suk dating?

Reportedly, the two grew closer after being introduced by another HELLOVENUS member and have recently began dating. The insiders also pointed out that Lee Jong Suk personally got in touch with Kwon Nara and scouted her to his agency, A-man Project, once she became a free agent after her contract with Fantagio Entertainment expired.

Are Lee Na Young and Lee Jong suk friends?

Lee Jong Suk is known to be a huge fan of Lee Na Young, who he worked together with in the past. Although he has been serving in the military since this past March, the two have been meeting frequently as Nara goes to visit him.

Is Lee Jong suk dating Kwon Nara?

Meanwhile, Kwon Nara has charmed the audience with her acting in shows like ‘Itaewon Class,’ ‘Suspicious Partner.’ and others. Now, reports claim the two have been dating, and it has got the social media talking! Is Lee Jong Suk dating Kwon Nara? As of now, no official confirmation has been made about them dating.

Did Lee Jong suk send a food truck to support Kwon Nara?

Meanwhile, the owner of this cafe is the handsome actor Lee Jong Suk. So it can be inferred that Lee Jong Suk sent a food truck to support Kwon Nara, but to avoid the media knowing, he used the name of the cafe he owns to do this. Before that, Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara were also said to be dating in August 2019.

Does Kim Jong-suk like Nara?

A source close to the two said that Jong-suk liked Nara first and often gave her gifts. Nara is said to be Jong-suk’s ideal woman, who has a height and appearance similar to that of a senior actress, Lee Na-young, his idol.

How did Sandra Lee and Kim Kwon first meet?

According to the report, Lee first met Kwon when the “Doctor Prisoner” actress was still a member of Korean girl group Hello Venus. In addition, the “Doctor Stranger” star was reportedly the one who approached directly to Kwon and signed her up to his one-man agency, A Man Project, after Kwon’s contract with her former company Fantagio ended.

Who is Lee Jong suk’s ideal type?

Actor Lee Jong Suk shared that his ideal type remains actress Lee Na Young. In a recent interview with Star News, when asked about his ideal type, he said, “If I had to pick amongst celebrities, Lee Na Young is the closest to my ideal woman. I chose her previously and she still is my ideal type.”

Are Lee Sung kyung and Lee Jong suk friends?

“I’ve already known and been friends with Lee Jong Suk for 10 years,” said Lee Sung Kyung. “We have all the dirt on each other from the past. I also am close with Choi Tae Joon; we used to live in the same neighborhood.”

Who is Lee Jong suk’s crush?

While, most of us, fan-girls have a crush on Lee Jong Suk, his dream girl is actress Lee Na Young. Lee Jong Suk has confessed in multiple interviews in the past that Lee Na Young is his celebrity crush and his ideal type too.

Is Lee Na Young’s co-star Lee Jong suk a “successful fan”?

Actress Lee Na Young addressed the fact that her co-star Lee Jong Suk has now become a “successful fan”! In an interview on November 12, Lee Na Young talked about working with the actor for her long-awaited return to the small screen in the upcoming drama “ Romance Supplement ” (working title).

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